Neighbourhood community buying platform

About Us

Grohood platform is a neighbourhood community buying platform for village, native fresh veggies within few hours of harvest to your community pickup point at locally competitive price. Every consignment is checked by our quality executive at source. No minimum order, and no compulsion to buy if not satisfied. Place order using a convenient app, pay on delivery.

Grohood community buying advantages:

• Harvested as per customer orders.

• Vegetables are available at your neighbour’s door.

• No limits to the purchase quantity.

• No warehouse storage, only fresh produce.

• No delivery charges.

Bringing the Village Vegetable Shanty to Home

How often have you stopped on the city outskirts to buy native fresh vegetables from makeshift village shanty that dot the highways? Buying from the shanty directly is a sure bet to ensure the native taste and nutrition is intact in those vegetables and fruits we buy.

Biography of a Vegetable

As they say, there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. From the time the vegetables are harvested to the time it reaches your kitchen, a lot goes on slowly gradually eroding the taste and nutrition value – two primary reasons for which we eat vegetables.

Vegetable supplies are the lifeblood of a thriving community. The supply-chain economics and logistical challenges constrain supply of fresh vegetables, degrading their native taste and nutrition. There are many intermediaries in the supply-chain and the supplies go through many stages of storage and handling. Research shows that vegetables lose their taste and nutritional value just by lying around, exposed to the environment, multiple loading and unloading. Then they are processed with preservatives to withstand this arduous journey, sprayed with pest repellents to save them from roaches and rodents while in storage and treated with enhancing chemicals to appear attractive. Alas, if only someone had written a biography of a vegetable.

How Grohood Keeps its Promise

This is where Grohood enters with its unique value proposition of cutting the delivery time from harvest to dispatch for your kitchen to under few hours which means barring transit time, the supplies aren’t kept waiting anywhere or not kept in a storage facility. It moves fast and quick, checked by Quality Inspectors, the supplies hasten up to the Grohood communities. Community buying ensures the advantage of competitive pricing due to high volume.

Savings and gains all the way

Native taste and nutrition ensure you get the best veggies. Grohood’s unique measurement technique ensures you actually end up getting more for the money – just as in a village shanty.  You save time, money and earn better immunity and resilience.

The shanty effect

No restriction on order volume, place orders any time, pick up within your Grohood community any time of the day. The best part is, if you aren’t happy with the supplies you are not forced to pick it up, no questions asked and no charge.

Grohood app

Avail all of this at the cool confines of your home using your trusted smartphone and Grohood App. Check the vegetables catalogue, place your order, change it throughout the day until the order is locked late evening. Take delivery of your supplies from the Grohood community coordinator. 

Grohood Advantage

Grohood veggies are sorted and graded at source and only A-class supplies are picked up. Grohood supplies with its native freshness promise are available at the better price than your neighborhood veggie outlets. At any stage, you can compare Grohood supplies to that of other supplies to know the immediate difference in the superiority of Grohood supplies.

Grohood quality and price are uncompromisable. That is the very premise of Grohood’s business existence. To dispatch native taste and nutrition within few hours of harvest at local competitive price to your society at your convenient time.

Cost-effective Price

Grohood always strives to offer the veggies at the least price point when compared with other supplies in the neighborhood. The proximity of the communty’s location to the harvest point is considered while sourcing the supplies. At times, there could be a difference in prices of same veggie between Grohood supply points which will be only due to the proximity factor. However, the price will never be more than the other local supplies.