Frequently ask questions

Placing an order

Any approved member can place an order.

Once a member is registered, he/she can go to app, select the items, add to the cart and place the order.

Image code is to be more secure and easy to remember; image or pickup code is selected while ordering and used while collecting the items. This is used for authorize the user who collect the items ordered

There is no minimum amount of order, you can even buy as small amount as possible.

If a particular item has more common demand in the society, and if it is not listed in the app. The customers can request the society coordinator, then the item can be added to the list.

Once the order is place, the delivery will be done only the next day. So, customer has time till midnight, to add more/additional items to the order, reduce the ordered items or even cancel the order.

When an order is placed, the order will be active till it becomes
out for delivery (usually till midnight). Until the order is in active
status, we can modify or even cancel the order, however once it
goes into out for delivery it cannot be changed.


There is no common delivery time. While placing the order system displays a list of Society coordinator (with time slot details). Customer (as per time and pick place convenient) need to select a society coordinator from they want to collect the items. Customer can collect the items anytime in that time slots.

At selected Society Co-Ordinator’s place; While placing the order system will display a list of Society Coordinators (with details like name, address and time slots). Customer need to select a society coordinator from they want to collect the items (probably the closest). Items gets delivered at
the selected SCs address, from where customer will collect the items.

Order turns from active order section to out for delivery section that means items are in the process of dispatch. Once the order turns from active status to out for delivery when the order is dispatched, there will be a notification, also there will be a notification when the order is delivered to the society coordinator.

If the delivery is delayed by any unforeseen circumstances then the Grohood will take initiative to notify the customer and the society coordinator about the same.

The society coordinator plays a major role here. It would not be a first come service, but there will be a proportional distribution of the items as per the availability with everyone who placed an order. The amount will be deducted as per the products received.


Payment can be made only through Grohood Wallet. There are various options available to add cash to Grohood Wallet. The available option to add cash are through Google Pay, Paypal, Phone Pe, Online Bank Transfer, Credit card transfer Debit Card transfer,Wallets etc.

When an order is placed the ordered amount would be only frozen. The cash will be deducted (only for delivered items) from
the Grohood Wallet only after the successful delivery of the items to customer.

As this is not a door to door delivery and the items will be left with the society coordinator, cash on delivery is not available. Grohood will operate only with Grohood cash.

For the order to be completed there should be cash available in the particular customer’s Grohood Wallet. However, to cash can
be added into the Grohood Wallet from anybody’s account.

An order cannot be placed if there is no enough cash in the Wallet. The wallet has to be refilled with enough cash.

Grohood cash

Grohood cash is equivalent to the Indian rupees, which can be used to buy items on Grohood app.

Grohood cash is equivalent to the Indian rupees, which can be used to buy items on Grohood app.

Grohood cash is safe as nobody else can use the cash except the customer with the account. All the transactions are very secure.

There is no validity for Grohood cash, it can be used as long as there is balance in the wallet.

The Grohood Cash can be withdrawn at any point of time. Whenever there is a need to withdraw the cash an email needs to be sent to the customer service.

To make the Grohood cash more secure, transferring cash from one Grohood account to another Grohood account is not

Cancellation, return and refund

Any time before the cutoff time (midnight) the customer can cancel the order by editing the order and removing all the items from the Active order list before it goes to out for delivery.

The customer can check the items while collecting from thesociety coordinator. If the items are found in a bad condition, the
customer can then and there reject the items and return it back tothe society coordinator.

Cancelling an order is available only when it is an active order, for which there are no charges. Also, while returning the order if the item or product is not good then the full amount will be credited back without any deductions.

While collecting the items from the society coordinator, the customer can crosscheck, then if anything is not matching the order due to the shortage of goods available then the customer can manage with the society coordinator, and Grohood cash will be deducted accordingly.

The Grohood cash is not deducted from the wallet when there is an order placed, instead it is just frozen. The amount will be deducted only after delivery. So, in case there is returning of the items the amount will be unfrozen/liberated.